Food, Inc.

I figure that working as a cinematographer on an Oscar nominated documentary feature can’t be too bad for the resume. I had a great time working on this important film directed by my friend, Robert Kenner.

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Bob Kramer Knives

I worked with Sur La Table, also known as the best kitchen store on earth to produce a video to introduce their customers to a new line of knives. Besides producing, I also had the pleasure of shooting. If you are looking for the best knife in the known universe, you should give Bob Kramer […]

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Opening Credits

Here are the opening credits for the upcoming documentary, “Jump Into Hell”. I had the pleasure of being a part of this project which chronicles the story of 168 allied airmen that were shot down in WWII and imprisoned at Buchenwald, the infamous concentration camp in Germany. ┬áKeep an eye out for this one in […]

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Old Demo Reel

My old demo reel, please be patient as a new one is handcrafted.

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